Customer Testimonials

International Students and SafeZone

Les Allan, AUCSO Chairman & Director of Safe Guarding Services at Heriot-Watt University discusses how SafeZone helps international students feel safer

Alison Levey discusses student recruitment

Alison Levey, Director of Student & Academic Services from Aston University talks about how using SafeZone helps make students feel safe and positively influences student recruitment.

Campus Facilities Manager Recommends SafeZone

Dominic Marafiroti, Campus Facilities Manager at University of South Australia recommends SafeZone based on its continuous improvement and value.

Executive Team’s Initial Impressions of SafeZone

Garry Tyler, Manager of Security at University of Queensland discusses value the executive team found in SafeZone as a unified solution.

Using SafeZone to Address Students with Disabilities

Les Allan, AUCSO Chairman & Director of Safe Guarding Services at Heriot-Watt University discusses how he uses SafeZone to address students with disabilities.

How SafeZone Helps Students Feel Safer

Higher Educationwomen in security

Claire Humble, Head of Security for Teesside University discusses the impacts of SafeZone on student’s perceptions of safety on campus and the overall Student Experience.

Deriving Value from SafeZone

lone workersnight time economyStaff SafetyStudent SafetyWWII bomb

Peter Scargill, Director of Commercial, Residential & Campus Services at the University of Exeter explains how they used SafeZone’s mass comms to help evacuate students as they disarmed a WWII bomb, and protect lone workers and keep students safe.

Why Adopt SafeZone

command and controlenhancing safety around the worldHigher EducationROIStaff SafetyStudent Safety

Jon Anderson, Head of Security at Northumbria University shares how SafeZone has changed their security environment – “you’ll get the benefits instantaneously”. SafeZone is enhancing safety around the world.

Customer Success with R&D

Danielle Austin, Incident Response Manager at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney discusses their direct interaction with CriticalArc’s development team on the product road map