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Claire Humble on How SafeZone Impacts Student Experience

campus safetycampus securityStudent ExperienceTeesside University

Claire Humble, Head of Campus Security, Teesside University, discusses how SafeZone positively influences the Student Experience

Les Allan – SafeZone as a Strategic Asset

Higher Education

Les Allan, Director of SafeGuarding Services at Heriot-Watt University, and incoming President of AUCSO, views SafeZone as a strategic asset for a university and recommends it for consideration.

York uses SafeZone to Protect Students & Staff Travelling Overseas

international travelProtecting FacultysafezoneUniversity of York

Denis Fowler, Director of Health, Safety and Security describes how University of York uses SafeZone to protect staff and students travelling overseas.

Denis Fowler Discusses Situational Awareness

campus securitycommand and controlcritical incidentscriticalarcsafezoneuniversity safetyYork University

Denis Fowler, Director of Health, Safety and Security at University of York reviews SafeZone, including the real-time situational awareness it provides his team.

UCLAN – Using SafeZone for International Applications

Duty of Careinternational travelProtect StaffProtect studentssafezoneUCLANUniversity of Central Lancanshire

Frank Wadamore, Networks and Security Manager at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) on how they’re using SafeZone to meet their duty of care and protect staff and students on international travel.

SafeZone Helps Parents Know Students Are Safe

InnovationsafezoneUniversity of Manchester

Janine Rigby, Innovation Manager at University of University, explains how SafeZone breaks down cultural and language barriers and helps parents know students are safe.

Factors Driving Leicester University to Adopt SafeZone

campus safetyLeicester Universitysafezone

Laurence Perkins, Head of Security at the University of Leicester, describes the factors which led to the adoption of SafeZone to enhance campus safety.

Mark Arnold – Coordinating Support Off-Campus

Off-CampussafezoneUniversity of Kent

Mark Arnold, Head of Security, University of kent, discusses how he can coordinate protection and support of students in the city center (off-campus).

Report Something Helps Build Culture of Community

Allison Levey, Director of Student & Academic Services, Aston University, describes value SafeZone’s tip reporting provides so students can report something anonymously that makes them feel unsafe.

Terry Branch on SafeZone’s Command & Control Technology

campus safetycampus securityCommand & Control technologycommand and controlcritical incident responsecritical incidentscriticalarcEmergency Managementhealth and safetyImperial College of Londonsafezoneuniversity safety

Terry Branch, Imperial College of London, describes the advantages of SafeZone’s command & control technology.

Les Allan on his Partnership with CriticalArc

campus safetycampus securitycritical incidentscriticalarchealth and safetyHeriot Watt Universitysafezoneuniversity safety

Les Allan, Director of SafeGuarding Services at Heriot-Watt University and incoming President of AUCSO, talks about his partnership with CriticalArc.

Claire Humble from Teesside University Shares How SafeZone Helps Students Feel Safer

Higher Education

Claire Humble, Head of Security for Teesside University discusses the impacts of SafeZone on student’s perceptions of safety on campus and the overall Student Experience.