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About CriticalArc

CriticalArc is a SaaS-based provider committed to transforming incident response through innovative solutions. These solutions empower your organization’s safety and security teams with the intelligence to strengthen and streamline their response to threats and incidents.

Founded in Australia in 2011, CriticalArc’s leadership recognized an over-reliance on fixed, costly security systems and saw an opportunity to leverage the ubiquity of smartphones and the performance of cloud networks with enterprise-grade software.

As a result, CriticalArc combined its deep understanding of security systems with a passion for quality software and a commitment to customers to develop its distributed command and control software, service, SafeZone® empowers your organizations’ most important resource – your people.

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SafeZone® is operational in over eighty countries and has been adopted by universities, enterprises, critical infrastructure, defense and hospital organizations across the world. SafeZone fundamentally transforms the way large organizations handle incident management and risk mitigation across multiple sites by providing a common operating view and enabling proactive response that positively impacts the outcome of any incident.

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Core Values


By leveraging the latest technology with ground-breaking ideas that challenge the status quo, we can create new services that provide quantum leaps forward in capabilities that help organizations leap-frog their competitors and raise performance levels, even with resource challenges.

Trust & Privacy

The mission-critical nature of SafeZone requires us to embrace privacy across our technical stack to ensure the strictest confidentiality and resilience in your organization’s data. Our customers develop a sense of trust that is reinforced as we protect their data.



We believe in the empowerment of both our customers and employees. When we empower you with data and intelligence, you can coordinate your resources across complex environments and respond to incidents. Likewise, our employees are entrusted with decisions to respond swiftly to customer inquiries.


We hold ourselves accountable for delivering a premium service because we understand your team relies on SafeZone each day to provide security and safety for your employees and students. It’s an essential element of your duty of care and crisis management plan. We don’t make excuses, we make priorities.



CriticalArc is founded upon collaboration with our customers. We know those on the front-lines have a deep understanding of the business problems and can provide invaluable feedback. We encourage our customers to share new applications and ideas with us so we can improve our offerings.