Enhancing International Student Recruitment and Retention with SafeZone

In today's globalized world, universities face increasingly stiff competition to attract top talent from around the globe. With the rising demand for international education, institutions are seeking innovative ways to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. One critical aspect that influences the decision of international students is safety and security. The ability to provide a safe environment not only reassures students and their families but also sets universities apart from their competitors. We’ll explore how SafeZone can significantly enhance international student recruitment efforts, particularly by overcoming language barriers, fostering a sense of security, and capitalizing on its popularity among international students and parents.
Video: See How SafeZone Works

SafeZone: Empowering Organizations with Limited Resources for a Secure Festive Season

As we approach the festive period, organizations with dispersed estates and operations and limited safety and security teams face a unique set of challenges. Ensuring the safety of staff and students becomes paramount, yet the reality of being understaffed can compromise effective response and incident management. In such scenarios, SafeZone by CriticalArc emerges as a force multiplier, revolutionizing safety and security measures for organizations with constrained resources.