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Sydney Trains Press Release on Use of SafeZone to Protect Staff

Transforming How Critical Infrastructure Providers Protect Staff & Manage Incidents

As a critical infrastructure provider, you’re entrusted with some of the most complex and vital facilities that keep our nation running – energy, water, chemicals, communications, and distribution networks. If your business stops, so does the nation. You can’t afford to trust your business continuity and resilience to traditional, fixed premise security solutions. You need the means to view your facilities and your security team resources, including their location, availability, and role. You need to understand facilities patrol patterns (both frequency and duration) so you can ensure your services remain operational 24×7. Up until today, this type of insight and intelligence wasn’t feasible. Today there is SafeZone®, a critical infrastructure security solution making the impossible possible.

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Managing Risk and Building Resilience into Operations

As a critical infrastructure provider, you are aware of the safety, liability and risk landscape in your industry. Your risk mitigation strategy should include identification of assets to be protected (your facilities and workforce) and examination of external threats (active assailant, fire, natural disaster). From there, you begin to apply controls in a layered, overlapping way until your infrastructure risks are reduced to an acceptable level. SafeZone provides you with the intelligence to test, evaluate, and optimize–further reducing your risk. For example, SafeZone enables you to monitor and adjust patrol patterns to ensure adequate coverage throughout the day. You can also record drills, provide your security team with feedback analytics, and identify opportunities to optimize performance.

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Minimizing Damage from Incidents and Recovering Swiftly

Whether in the public or private sector, it has never been more important to resolve threats to critical infrastructure quickly, effectively and completely. The high-performance enterprise-class cloud service SafeZone delivers distributed command, control, and real-time situational awareness to security coordinators and all responders in the field. This knowledge can transform your organization’s ability to respond to any situation. Improved incident management enables security teams to mobilize quickly to protect and defend people and assets with minimal interruption to business operations.

Regulations & Compliance

Complying with Regulations and Duty of Care

As regulations are expanding and budgets are shrinking, executives responsible for the protection of critical infrastructure turn to technology like SafeZone® to act as a force multiplier. With obvious benefits over fixed help points, the SafeZone app makes it easy for staff to summon assistance via their phone, broadcasting their location, identity and directions to incident response personnel. Since every second counts, SafeZone gives timely, accurate intelligence to the right responder at the right time, keeping them updated as the incident evolves. This helps fulfill your organization’s Duty of Care by resolving issues promptly that could otherwise jeopardize business continuity. For compliance purposes, you can record all drills, provide your team with feedback by playing back the incident, and identify opportunities to enhance performance

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Monitoring Large, Geographical Areas

Critical infrastructure providers frequently operate across multiple, large sites with extensive perimeters with hundreds of staff and contractors working in hazardous environments. Fast, reliable, and cloud-based service SafeZone requires no complex installation or in-house support and enables more effective use of resources by enabling security directors to better coordinate resources in response to a widespread incident that may affect several operating divisions. Through the use of redundant communications via satellite sleeves, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, your organization can help ensure a high degree of resilience even in remote areas, so you can be sure your team and your facilities are protected. SafeZone easily addresses all these challenges and is operational today in over eighty countries worldwide so that corporations can meet their duty of care and maintain a safe and happy workforce.

Business Continuity

Maximizing Business Continuity

We understand critical infrastructure providers can’t afford to have a security incident jeopardize the successful operations of their business. You need to build resilience that contributes to a smooth-running society like energy, water, logistics, transportation and communications networks. Executives seek resilience so they can minimize the damage from any incident and recover quickly from any disaster. By isolating and resolving incidents quickly and efficiently, SafeZone helps ensure minimal impact on productivity and business continuity. Geo-targeted mass notifications can warn staff of impending danger and direct them to mustering points. By getting the right information to the right staff, at the right time in any incident location globally, SafeZone streamlines day-to-day operations, enhances safety and provides the means for better, faster outcomes and sustained business continuity.

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Safeguarding Remote/Lone Workers

Safeguarding lone workers in the field can be extremely demanding. The remote location of many mining, energy, utility, agricultural, and construction sites presents employers and security teams with challenges, including how to stay in touch with and protect mobile workers. By law, employers have a responsibility to protect their workers regardless of whether they’re surrounded by colleagues or alone on an assignment. Cutting-edge organizations realize they can better protect their lone workers by investing in new technology. The cost is nominal compared to the consequences of not knowing when a worker has been severely injured and not helping in a timely fashion. Available as an app on smartphones and satellite phones, SafeZone makes it easy for individuals to summon help anywhere, at any time. SafeZone offers numerous features – including lone worker check-in at regular intervals and mass communications – plus the scale and flexibility to cover any industrial site and geographic zone.

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Standardizing Communications in a Multilingual Environment

Protecting a global workforce that spans multiple continents is difficult. It gets more complicated when there is a language barrier between your employees, safety and security teams, and the local police. In addition, your employees may not know the correct number to call for emergency assistance while abroad. Critical infrastructure providers can’t afford for the combination of different cultures and languages to cause misunderstandings during emergency procedures. SafeZone transcends language barriers through its simple-to-use interface and provides your employees with one button to call for help in its streamlined mobile app, so they never have to remember whether to dial, 911, 999, 110 or another number. SafeZone also supports multiple languages to support your global workforce.

Custom Infrastructure Security Solutions

Lone Worker Protection

SafeZone helps protect your lone workers by enabling consistent, two-way communication no matter where your workers are stationed.

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One-Touch Call

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By enabling users to request emergency help, medical assistance or report a security concern via a quick tap on their phone without the need to speak to a call handler, SafeZone overcomes all language differences and cultural barriers.

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Business Continuity

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See how the latest technologies can inform preparedness, transforming response to major incidents and enabling mass communication. This facilitates better outcomes and ensures business continuity for a range of industries.

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CriticalArc’s ongoing commitment and flexibility in helping customize and deploy SafeZone to meet our specific requirements has been outstanding. FCC is an increasingly global and diversified business with complex security needs but CriticalArc is working closely to integrate SafeZone into our existing systems and to develop new approaches and features as required.
Jose Morales, Corporate Security Director

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