SafeZone is keeping people safe at organizations around the world

CriticalArc’s SafeZone safety, security wellbeing, and emergency  management solution is helping to protect over 1 million people globally, from university students to healthcare staff, from transport workers to lone working maintenance crews in critical infrastructure settings.

SafeZone is reducing risks for institutions, employers, and employees, keeping people safe and providing reassurance wherever they are, 24/7.

How SafeZone is Transforming Safety in Key Industry Sectors

At universities and campuses

SafeZone is creating safe and welcoming learning environments, to support student satisfaction, recruitment, and retention. Whether they’re on-campus or studying abroad, they’re covered with SafeZone.

University Safety & Security Solutions

For healthcare and social care

SafeZone is keeping medical and workers safe, protecting frontline services, and supporting staff recruitment and retention. Whether they’re on-campus or in patient’s homes, they’re covered with SafeZone.

Healthcare Safety & Security Solutions

architectural design enterprise building

For global enterprises

SafeZone is reducing risks, protecting people, optimizing efficiency to manage risk across global enterprises.

Enterprise Safety & Security Solutions

Windmill farm

In critical infrastructure industries

SafeZone is transforming resilience, preparedness, and response; optimizing security services’ reach and capabilities.

Critical Infrastructure Safety & Security Solutions

Government building

For government agencies and services

SafeZone is protecting staff, and supporting services in the community.

Government Safety & Security Solutions


In transportation and mass transit

SafeZone is extending its protective reach across region-wide transport networks, supporting remote-working staff and ensuring rapid, efficient response to incidents.

Sydney Trains Case Study

CriticalArc’s SafeZone is driving safety and security transformation, across multiple industry sectors

CriticalArc is driving change in multiple sectors, working with organizations to empower security and safety responders, police, and staff wellbeing and EAP support teams to:

  • Respond rapidly and confidently to emergencies and major incidents
  • Coordinate safety services across extensive environments
  • Ensure safe lone working, remote working, and out-of-hours working
  • Extend protection to staff traveling and working remotely
  • Precisely locate individuals involved in incidents, even in multi-floor buildings, down to the room number
  • Locate, communicate with, alert, and protect widely dispersed populations
  • Enable enhanced staff EAP support, mental health and wellbeing services 24/7, including crisis intervention
  • Strengthen preparedness for major emergencies and disruptive events
  • Safely and confidently manage surge events and incidents with increased traffic volumes
  • Enable more effective drill exercises, performance measurement, and risk assessments

how SafeZone’s safety, security, wellbeing, and emergency management platform is transforming key industry sectors