SafeZone Is the Perfect Fit For Your Industry

After perfecting the SafeZone service to deliver campus safety solutions, we expanded to other industries that often struggle with coordinating resources and managing incidents. We now serve an established base of customers across multiple industries including University, Enterprise, Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure and Government sectors. Operational in over 80 countries, we’re proud to serve the safety, security and emergency Management needs of more than 1 million people.

University security solutions

The Leading Safety, Security & Emergency Management Solution for Universities

SafeZone can help optimize your institution’s response to incidents, mitigate risk, enhance your University’s reputation for safety, attract new students, fulfill your duty of care, and improve the student experience.

University Safety & Security Solutions

architectural design enterprise building

Enterprises Can't Afford to Overlook Physical Security

Because of the focus on cybersecurity, many enterprises have a tendency to overlook physical security. Yet, to preserve business continuity, minimize risk exposure, protect the brand and fulfill duty of care to their employees, enterprises must proactively address and enhance their physical security across the organization.

Enterprise Safety & Security Solutions

Healthcare technology

Hospital Safety and Security Solutions

From compliance to patient satisfaction scores to staff retention and high workplace violence, healthcare organizations demand a flexible and dynamic solution to help administrators and security teams cater to the unique needs of hospitals, satellite clinics and community health care workers.

Healthcare Safety & Security Solutions

Windmill farm

Securing the World's Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure systems and assets are vital, so threats and incidents could have a debilitating impact on national economic security and public health or safety. That’s why critical infrastructure providers look to new technology like SafeZone to fulfill their duty of care and protect employees and the general public.

Critical Infrastructure Safety & Security Solutions

Government building

Securing and Protecting Government Services

The benefits of more secure government agencies — whether local or national — are multifaceted. Defending essential infrastructure and government services, property, and citizens’ safety are paramount to preserving and enhancing the quality of life throughout surrounding communities.

Government Safety & Security Solutions


Defending Against Threats in the Transportation Industry

Because railway stations and airports are so densely populated, the protection and safety of passengers often preoccupies managers. In the freight industry, terminals are dangerous workplaces and so workplace safety is a continued area of focus. To maintain a comprehensive defense against complex and proliferating threats in the transportation industry, integration, automation and flexibility are essential.

Sydney Trains Case Study

Finance industry

The Finance Industry Leads the Charge for Change

Due to strict compliance demands and increasing competition, financial institutions are among the first to explore how new technology can help them achieve operational efficiencies while protecting their corporate brand and retaining and protecting their staff across the globe.

SafeZone Product Applications

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