Video Testimonials

Highlights of SafeZone APAC 2022 Conference

Keele’s CIO on CriticalArc Addressing His Needs

CIOExecutiveKeele UniversityPartnership

Daniel Perry, CIO of  Keele University shares his confidence in CriticalArc and its ability to address his needs.

SafeZone Helps Parents Know Students Are Safe

InnovationsafezoneUniversity of Manchester

Janine Rigby, Innovation Manager at University of Manchester, explains how SafeZone breaks down cultural and language barriers and helps parents know students are safe.

Declan Raferty (DCU COO) Recommends CriticalArc

campus safetycampus securitycommand and controlcritical incident responsecritical incidentscriticalarcDublin City UniversityEmergency Managementhealth and safetysafezoneuniversity safety

Declan Raferty, COO of Dublin City University, discusses the responsiveness of CriticalArc and recommends its service to his peers.

Alison Levey discusses student recruitment

Alison Levey, Director of Student & Academic Services from Aston University talks about how using SafeZone helps make students feel safe and positively influences student recruitment.

Why Consider SafeZone

campus safetycampus securityglobal solutionHigher EducationInvestmentROIuniversities

Les Allan, Chairman of AUSCO & DIrector of Safeguarding Services at Heriot-Watt University says getting SafeZone is “a decision you’ll never regret”. SafeZone is used globally, is continually advancing, and produces a high value/ROI for its customers.

Sending Employees Home Safe

employee safetyhealth and safetysend employees home safe

Paul Warburton, General Manager of HOST shares that health and safety is the top concern of every organization, SafeZone bridges the gap so everyone feels safe and enables HOST to send their employees home safely every day.

How SafeZone Helps Students Feel Safer

Higher Educationwomen in security

Claire Humble, Head of Security for Teesside University discusses the impacts of SafeZone on student’s perceptions of safety on campus and the overall Student Experience.

Deriving Value from SafeZone

lone workersnight time economyStaff SafetyStudent SafetyWWII bomb

Peter Scargill, Director of Commercial, Residential & Campus Services at the University of Exeter explains how they used SafeZone’s mass comms to help evacuate students as they disarmed a WWII bomb, and protect lone workers and keep students safe.