Consultancy Offerings

In addition to the Customer Success team’s services, CriticalArc offers specific assistance to clients through our consultancy program. From addressing the unique needs of a client to a wide range of assessments, CriticalArc will not only help you address needs around the deployment of SafeZone, but also provide assistance in wider issues around technology and operations management. Do you have a specific, unique problem to solve? Let us leverage our network of experience to help you find a solution!

Our Team: Our consultants’ backgrounds include military service, law enforcement, emergency management, and security across public entities and private corporations. Led by Jason Goodrich, Certified Protection Professional, and a former police chief with over 20 years in US campus and medical center law enforcement, Jason draws from the considerable talent of public safety executives around the globe to leverage their knowledge and experience to help you solve your organization’s unique challenges. Whether you’re a higher education client, private corporation, or healthcare client, our network can guide you through a variety of needs including regulatory challenges, technology implementations, organization development strategies, emergency management, and risk assessment.

Developing strategic plans and security master plans are important factors in maintaining organizational momentum and staying on the right course – no matter the distractions the day-to-day operations bring. Unfortunately, time to develop and ensure compliance with these documents is often the most difficult part of the process. Let our consultants work with you to develop these and ensure they align with the institution’s overall strategic plan and the unique characteristics of your own police, security, or safety organization.  Many universities struggle with legacy systems, individual departments or units “doing their own thing” and security measures that are “value engineered” out of new construction. Let our consultants develop your Security Master Plan to help these areas.


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Transforming to a 21st Century Public Safety Model

Re-envisioning safety is a holistic approach to an area that was traditionally viewed as a stand alone entity with ancillary impact on the totality of the organization. The procedures of Public Safety have had wide-ranging effects throughout many aspects of the organization, and thus engagement of members from across the organization is necessary to achieve a cultural impact. Creating an open environment where the community is both protected and welcomed is a challenge.

Fundamentally, Public Safety is about service. The values of an organization are reflected through that service, so the question is  – are the needs of the community being met through the service provided? What values are truly being reflected by the institution?

To help institutions address overall safety and make a meaningful impact with their Public Safety team and resources, CriticalArc can provide consultative services in implementing this process.  We provide parameters we have seen be successful on campuses in these areas and the specific implementation steps we would recommend to achieve success.

We developed parameters around four pillars we believe encapsulate the 21st Century Public Safety model: Safety Everywhere, Coordination and Response, Operational Insights, and a Unified Solution. We provide specific, actionable steps for achieving the recommended parameters to create an accepted culture of campus safety. Our team can provide subject matter experts to assist your staff in leading this transformation.

CriticalArc’s consultancy services include:

  • Operational Assistance: Leverage our team’s experience and supplement your staff with our on-site assistance when you need additional staff the most –
    • Event planning and management: Command and control for athletic events, concerts, commencements, etc.
    • Creating and delivering custom drills and exercises from tabletops to full scale exercises
    • Training and management of campus volunteer teams like building coordinators, CERT, first aid response, student security, etc.
  • Organizational Development: We address four strategic areas of your organization: people, policies, processes, and partnerships to ensure they work together in collaboration through –
    • Recruitment and retention programs
    • Strategic planning
    • Security master planning
    • Staff training and development
      • Leadership Development
      • Management Training
      • Field Training Development
  • Assessments and Audits: Our consultants undertake a review of your operations, interviewing staff about their roles, priorities, and concerns, to gain a clear understanding of your people, processes, policies, and partnerships.  This information in turn leads to a gap analysis, identifying the areas where the organization can achieve the most impact and benefit. Specific examples include –
    • Leveraging technology / eliminate disparate systems
    • Policy and procedure reviews
    • Operational effectiveness and efficiency
      • Patrol technology utilization
      • Field Training program audit
      • Communications Center operations
      • Staff development programs
      • Training and in-service programs
  • Promotional Services: Let our team assist your marketing and communications efforts for outreach around specific needs –
    • Develop videos specific to your environment and organization
    • Tailored marketing assistance in conjunction with events or specific communities
    • Communication plans designed to help ensure awareness of programs
  • Managed Services for the SafeZone Platform: Our team can manage your SafeZone platform to ensure the organization is realizing the full value of the capabilities within the software.
    • SafeZone marketing and outreach across organization
    • SafeZone system and user management
    • Ongoing SafeZone, OmniGuard, and Command system training
    • Operation Insights such as heat mapping and crime report overlays
    • On-site support for major events
    • SafeZone and Clery intersections
    • SafeZone and Joint Commission intersections