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The Leading Safety, Security, Wellbeing and Emergency Management Solution

Unified Solution to Enhance Safety

SafeZone® offers one solution to address all of your safety, security, wellbeing, and emergency management needs across your entire organization, providing value throughout each day.


  • Speed response to optimize outcomes
  • Manage personal, campus-wide and multi-site incidents
  • Situational awareness for optimized command and control
  • Geo-targeted, group, and mass messaging
  • Wellbeing functionality to enhance mental health
  • Analyze operational data for continuous improvement
  • Improve reputation and reduce risk
  • Lone worker management and team visualization

Imagine an emergency and security management solution that allows you to view the availability and location of your safety and security team, openly communicate with them, coordinate their response, confirm actions have been taken, see the result of those actions, and issue new commands–all in real time, with a common operating view.

Introducing SafeZone®, the first all-in-one emergency and security management solution that empowers safety and security teams to streamline and strengthen their capacity to respond to incidents, optimize outcomes, fulfill duty of care, and mitigate risks. In addition, you can use the same system to support lone worker safety, personal alarms, traveling staff, and introduce a new level of engagement with those you support. SafeZone is transforming how large organizations provide for the safety and well-being of their people as a leading public safety software and emergency management solution.

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Optimal Response to Personal Alarms

  • SafeZone® OmniGuard provides each responder and the command center with a real-time situational view of all responders and their availability
  • The SafeZone app enables people to raise an alert that immediately conveys their location to the SafeZone Command and all responders
  • Your command center and responders will immediately know the identity and GPS location of person calling for help
  • SafeZone customers report their response times can be cut by 50% or more, which enables them to optimize the outcome of incidents
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Widespread Incidents

  • For widespread incidents, it’s critical to visualize resources by location and function across a large area to coordinate resources and quickly respond for optimal outcomes
  • When SafeZone Command receives an alarm, it sends notification of the incident and its location to all available safety and security resources
  • Individuals receive alerts via their mobile phone with instructions e.g., “Evacuate”
  • The command center and all responders immediately see the function, location and availability of each safety/security officer as well as fire marshals, building wardens etc.
  • SafeZone enables you to understand all available resources, so you can notify impacted parties and direct your team to optimize outcomes

High Risk Situations

  • Organizations often have lone workers in high-risk areas
  • SafeZone enables your team to understand who and where these staff are located so your team can better protect them and reduce your organization’s risk
  • SafeZone automatically checks-in an employee when they enter a high-risk lab so your team is aware and can check in on them
  • SafeZone can trigger proactive alarms to ensure an employee is still safe due to high risk – employee cancels the alarm or security team is prompted to investigate
  • Provide your safety and security managers with a view of workers in a variety of high-risk environments both indoors and outdoors
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Analysis & Reporting

  • Security executives who struggle to see when and how often designated areas are being patrolled
  • SafeZone provides live data feeds so you can monitor and modify patrol patterns in real-time
  • View historical patrol patterns vs. incidents and adjust patrol patterns for optimal coverage to fulfill your duty of care
  • SafeZone provides the unique ability to playback any incident(s) to reveal the location and availability of resources at each moment; helpful for compliance and to enhance future performance

How SafeZone can help your organization

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