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Transforming Security & Workplace Safety in the Enterprise

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The Comprehensive Safety, Security & Emergency Management Solution for Enterprises

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about safety, liability and an ever-evolving risk landscape which is driving the need for security teams to become more efficient while taking on incremental responsibilities. Security directors, risk compliance officers, and business continuity leaders manage large, multi-faceted security environments with thousands of employees spread across the world in corporate headquarters, regional offices, at home and in the field. They struggle to attain timely visibility to the wide range of incidents across their organization so their team can respond swiftly and help mitigate risks.

That’s why safety and security leaders are turning to technology like SafeZone® to help transform how they provide workplace safety and security in the Enterprise.

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Today’s enterprises are increasingly concerned about safety, liability and an ever-evolving risk landscape. As part of your overall risk mitigation strategy, once you’ve identified the assets to be protected (your staff), and you examine the threats to these assets (active assailant, fire, natural disaster), you then begin to apply controls in a layered, overlapping way until risks are reduced to an acceptable level. SafeZone helps your team protect your most valuable asset – your employees. Best of all, SafeZone provides you with the intelligence to test your controls, evaluate their effectiveness and optimize to further reduce your risks. For example, SafeZone enables you to monitor which areas your team patrols so you can adjust patrol patterns to ensure coverage. You can also record drills, provide feedback with incident playback, and identify opportunities to enhance performance.

Protect Reputation

Protecting Brand and Reputation

Social media propagates bad news instantly. Reputations are on the line as customers take notice which directly affects your revenue. By speeding up response and incident resolution, enterprises can help protect their brand and reputation they’ve worked so diligently to create. With SafeZone, our customers cite they’ve been able to cut their average incident response time by over 50%! This enables your safety and security team to arrive at incidents faster so you have the opportunity to positively influence the outcome of a given event. This capability to proactively mitigate risk and defuse a situation is unprecedented and essential to effectively protect your enterprise’s brand and reputation.

Health & Safety

Fulfilling Your Duty of Care

Enterprise organizations recognize they have a duty of care to explore new solutions as part of a comprehensive workplace health and safety strategy. When you invest in SafeZone, the SafeZone app is made available to your entire organization, making it easy for them to summon help via a simple tap on their mobile phone. Despite robust CCTV systems, access control solutions, and other security technology, your team can’t have eyes everywhere at all times, so it makes sense to empower your workforce to raise an alarm or report an incident. With SafeZone, you’ll enhance the duty of care your organization provides to help ensure your most valued asset remains safe – your employees. In addition, you’ll receive OmniGuard, an innovative command and control software solution that provides your safety and security team with a common operating view of all team members and incidents, updated in real-time. This enables your team to respond fast and with greater confidence.

Business Continuity

Preserving Business Continuity

You can’t afford to have a security incident jeopardize the successful operations of your business. Based on this, enterprises are in search of technological innovations to help address these challenges. By getting the right information to the right staff, at the right time in any incident location globally, SafeZone streamlines day-to-day operations, enhances safety and provides the means for better, faster outcomes and sustained business continuity.

Search & Rescue. Rapid Response.

Boost Security and Response Capabilities

CriticalArc’s unique safety and emergency management solution, SafeZone® is transforming the way enterprises respond to incidents. By providing unprecedented situational awareness, command and control software provides your team with a common operating view. Your safety team can view their position relative to each other as well as incidents, which enables your team to respond fast and minimize impacts. So whether your team needs to assist with evacuating a building due to fire, address the unique needs of the disabled, or respond to an active shooter, SafeZone is here to help.

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Geo-Targeted Communications

Whether it’s an active shooter, fire, or severe weather, the ability to quickly send emergency communications to staff working in impacted areas can help your safety & security teams protect lives and mitigate risks. So whether you’re managing an evacuation or issuing shelter-in-place guidance for an active assailant, SafeZone is custom-configured to your organization’s geographic footprint. It enables you to set up a series of geo-zones so you can send targeted messages to impacted parties based on their location. You can also send a mass notification message across your entire corporate campus. All of this contributes to a safe and happy workforce that results in a positive customer experience.

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Protect Traveling Staff

Most enterprises have a large contingent of employees who travel frequently for business, both in-country and abroad, yet they don’t offer any incident management or emergency communications tools. This leaves organizations exposed. Does your organization know when your staff has arrived plus their exact location in the country at any given time? Are you able to efficiently relay instructions in case of civil unrest or a natural disaster, or to check-in and verify they’re OK? SafeZone easily addresses these challenges and is operational in over eighty countries so corporations can meet their duty of care and maintain a safe and happy workforce.

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Coping with a Shortfall of Resources

Enterprise security teams are under increasing pressure to absorb incremental responsibilities with minimal increases in staff or budget. When faced with these pressures, security leaders turn to technology to offset a shortage of resources. The ability to view the location, availability and role of each officer in the field enables them to manage high-density areas with small teams. And with indoor positioning, security teams get a 3D view of their buildings to pinpoint incidents down to the floor, wing, and room in a given building. Maybe that’s why our customers frequently describe SafeZone as a “force multiplier” that acts an essential component of their Emergency Response Plan.


Evacuation Management

Most enterprises have one or more central locations, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees. When an emergency occurs like a natural or manmade disaster, the quick and orderly evacuation of your offices is a significant challenge.  SafeZone helps enterprise safety and security teams leverage technology to see the big picture and communicate with employees so you can better coordinate resources to facilitate evacuation and mustering in a timely manner. You can also use SafeZone Command to communicate directly with building wardens and fire marshalls to confirm each floor has been cleared. In addition, employees with special needs can use the SafeZone App to request assistance i.e. an employee in a wheelchair who can’t get down the stairwell. This means your team can evacuate your buildings faster and help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your company’s employees.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Lone Worker Protection

SafeZone helps protect your lone workers–whether on campus or abroad–by enabling consistent, two-way communication. For large organizations with multiple campuses, this ability is essential.

Access To Support

Ensuring that individuals have access to the support and protection they might need on outbound overseas excursions presents a complex set of challenges that can be solved with SafeZone.

Multinational Safeguarding Solution

FCC Group is the first global corporation to start using SafeZone as a multinational safeguarding solution for all its employees when working overseas, as well as their accompanying family members.

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Testimonials & References

CriticalArc’s ongoing commitment and flexibility in helping customize and deploy SafeZone to meet our specific requirements has been outstanding. FCC is an increasingly global and diversified business with complex security needs but CriticalArc is working closely to integrate SafeZone into our existing systems and to develop new approaches and features as required.
Jose Morales, Corporate Security Director
CriticalArc named 'Supplier of the Year for Digitalization and Innovation' by Iberdrola

Learn How SafeZone Met FCC's Enterprise Needs

FCC Case Study