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CriticalArc’s SafeZone solution is one of the most widely used and trusted technologies in the higher education sector. A complete safety solution for students and staff, it is now in service at many of the world’s leading universities, and is protecting millions of individual users at institutions across the globe.

For universities competing to recruit and retain students, it is now essential to prioritize community safety and well-being. SafeZone meets that need more comprehensively than any other safety solution.

With SafeZone, wherever your students are, at the touch of a button they can ask for routine help,  report concerns, or call for an emergency response, including from security, police, and medical emergency teams – and SafeZone combines multiple essential functions, from team coordination and response, to user location-sharing during emergencies, and mass communications.

For the major risks now facing universities SafeZone provides complete reassurance

CriticalArc’s SafeZone combines all universities’ strategic safety management functions and communications systems into a single, powerful platform – one that is more efficient to use and allows the best resource allocation.


SafeZone empowers responders, campus safety, and wellbeing support teams to:

  • Respond rapidly, efficiently and confidently to emergencies and major incidents
  • Coordinate safety services across large campus environments
  • Locate, communicate with, alert, and protect widely dispersed populations
  • Precisely locate individuals involved in incidents, even in multi-floor buildings
  • Extend protection to students and staff traveling, including internationally
  • Ensure safe lone working, remote working, and out-of-hours working
  • Support enhanced pastoral care, mental health and wellbeing services 24/7, including crisis intervention
  • Strengthen preparedness for major emergencies and disruptive events
  • Safely and confidently manage surge events with increased traffic volumes (open days, graduation, sporting events etc.)
  • Enable more effective drill exercises, performance measurement, and risk assessments
  • Protect the brand of the institution

High user engagement and positive student sentiment

SafeZone’s widespread adoption across the higher education sector is underpinned by its unique record of high user-engagement, positive sentiment among students, ongoing technical innovation, and broad functionality that precisely targets the challenges that universities face.

Many of the features and capabilities that now make SafeZone uniquely effective are the result of CriticalArc’s extensive collaboration and network building with leaders in higher education, policing and security, university senior executives, and well-being teams. If you think the SafeZone’s unique benefits could have been developed with your university in mind, that’s because they were.

Why so many universities now provide SafeZone for their students and staff

SafeZone gives universities a clearer return on investment and more benefits than any comparable safety solution or technology. It allows better resource allocation and ensures better outcomes.

Faster Response Times to Incidents

Seconds matter when responding to any event reported by a member of your community, or any request for help.  Whether an elevated medical emergency, a violent incident, or a hazardous emergency, providing your responders with precise details of ‘who called, from where, and why’ greatly reduces the time it takes them to respond.  In addition, SafeZone enables your team to respond to incidents indoors, outside, and even beyond your premises, wherever your people are when they call for help.

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Safety Everywhere

Given the fast pace of change in the higher education industry, security teams are under increasing pressure to absorb increasing responsibilities with limited staff. Stepping up to this challenge, industry leaders are taking advantage of innovative security solutions like SafeZone, and gaining new operational insights that are empowering them to optimize performance. For example, SafeZone provides heat maps that show exactly where, and when, your team is patrolling.  It also records your team’s response to all incidents, giving you a second-by-second recap of who responded, and how.  With these powerful new insights, you can refine your operations and enhance future security performance.

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SafeZone supports recruitment

SafeZone provides reassurance to prospective students and their families when they are selecting their preferred study destinations. In today’s competitive higher education marketplace, universities must work harder to attract the best candidates. SafeZone gives them an important advantage.

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SafeZone improves retention and satisfaction

SafeZone makes it easier for universities to provide enhanced well-being services and comprehensive support, 24/7. SafeZone doesn’t just improve safety and reduce the potential for harm, it increases student satisfaction and improves retention.

SafeZone builds culture of support and safety

SafeZone includes multiple functions that help to build more supportive, engaged, and welcoming communities: for example, the ‘tip reporting’ feature makes it easy for students and staff to report concerns, from maintenance issues to potential safety hazards, from medical emergencies to mental wellbeing. SafeZone encourages individuals to take an active interest in their surroundings and the well-being of the community they are part of.


SafeZone enables new resource efficiencies

SafeZone supports the most efficient resource allocation, allowing police and security teams to coordinate more efficiently. A force-multiplier technology, it empowers your teams to do more with less. By combining multiple functions under a single management platform, SafeZone also replaces separate, siloed systems, and allows budgets to be allocated to better effect.

SafeZone demonstrates duty of care, and reduces corporate risks

By providing SafeZone’s protection for their communities, universities clearly demonstrate that they are taking seriously their duty of care responsibilities towards students and staff, and making safety and wellbeing a priority. SafeZone protects universities’ reputations by reducing the likelihood of incidents escalating and preventing the damage that can be caused by slow or inadequate responses. Risks are becoming increasingly hard to predict but SafeZone lets universities demonstrate their enhanced preparedness. By providing new post-incident insights and learnings, SafeZone helps to optimize their readiness to respond.

SafeZone improves resilience and preparedness

SafeZone gives policing and security responders maximum control over their campus environments, and it connects them remotely to any locations where students and staff are working or traveling. This allows them to provide the best-coordinated, most appropriate responses to every risk, however unexpected.

Did you know?

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University public safety and security leaders report a 50% or greater reduction in their response times to incidents, after the deployment and use of SafeZone.

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