Privacy Commitment

Privacy and CriticalArc

At CriticalArc, there’s nothing we take more serious than the privacy of our customers and their end users. We know that customers place an immense priority on their safety and wellbeing and are only willing to entrust their well-being to those can provide the fastest and most reliable service. We’ve seen over a million people download our technology and it humbles us to know they’ve trusted SafeZone with something of such consequence – their lives.

Based on this trust, we believe we must remain steadfast in our commitment to protect people and their privacy. Given the mission-critical nature of the service, we have an intense focus on encrypting data throughout our system and delivering on the scalability, performance and reliability of our platform to consistently perform. By leveraging the same secure IT and internet infrastructure used by financial institutions, SafeZone can be relied upon to support your organizations critical safety and security operations.

  • FISMA compliant data centers
  • FIPS compliant strong encryption
  • Strong data center redundancy
  • Compliant with EU GDPR for EU citizens
  • Compliant with Data Privacy 1988 for Australia

We will only use a user’s personal data when the law allows us to. For details on what data we collect, store and how we use it, see our privacy policy

SafeZone does not share a user’s location until they send an alert (emergency, first aid, or help), use the check-in or check-in timer features, or submit a tip-report that includes their location. All information that users provide as a SafeZone user is protected by federal and state privacy laws. Read about our privacy provisions at www.safezoneapp.com/privacy