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Transforming How the Government Sector Protects Staff

SafeZone is the security solution built to help the government protect its staff and quickly respond to critical incidents.

Government agencies are entrusted to provide vital services to the public 24/7, covering a wide variety of functions protecting the environment, ensuring our security and safety, strengthening the economy, and providing access to education. Public sector employees are employed at all levels of the government, from national to local levels and often find themselves operating at increased levels of risk.

The scope, size, and diverse needs of these public sector employees imposes a duty of care on government agencies to protect the safety, security and wellbeing of their staff. That’s why customers like the Australian Tax Office, Australian Bureau of Statistics, NSW Transport/Sydney Trains and many other government agencies have selected SafeZone to protect their staff.

“Sydney Trains is committed to fulfilling our duty of care to all of our staff and enhancing our high safety standards in order to maintain and enrich customer service levels on station platforms. Employing proven technology such as SafeZone will help us solve day-to-day challenges, further improving the safety of our staff and helping them work more effectively to continue to deliver world-class service.”
Mark Edmonds, Manager of Security Capability, Network Operations
Protect Staff

Fulfilling Your Duty of Care

Government organizations recognize they have a duty of care to explore new solutions as part of a comprehensive workplace health and safety strategy. When you invest in SafeZone, the SafeZone app is made available to your entire organization, making it easy for them to summon help via a simple tap on their mobile phone. Despite robust CCTV systems, access control solutions, and other security technology, your team can’t have eyes everywhere at all times, so it makes sense to empower your workforce to raise an alarm or report an incident.

With SafeZone, you’ll enhance the duty of care your organization provides to help ensure your most valued asset remains safe – your employees. In addition, you’ll receive OmniGuard, an innovative command and control software solution that provides your safety and security team with a common operating view of all team members and incidents, updated in real-time. This enables your team to respond fast and with greater confidence.

Survey lone worker

Lone Workers

There are many scenarios in which government workers operate as lone workers. Those operating in the field include staff interfacing with citizens (census and healthcare auditors), working in laboratories with hazardous chemicals, and working alone in dangerous operating conditions (nuclear plant workers, fire-fighters, rail and transport maintenance, scientists etc.).

Government organizations are realizing they have an increased duty of care to take additional measures to help provide for the safety and wellbeing of these lone workers.  The cost is nominal compared to the consequences of not knowing when a worker is in need of urgent assistance (such as a medical incident in a remote area) and not responding in a timely fashion.

To address these challenges, government agencies are increasingly turning to solutions like SafeZone to help protect these workers. With SafeZone, employees can easily check-in to voluntarily share their identity, location, and when they expect to complete their work. And CriticalArc offers both self-monitored or outsourced monitored solutions ensuring every agency large or small can take advantage of SafeZone’s people safety solution. In addition, CriticalArc offers wearable alert devices which enable workers to quickly and easily raise an alert in a discreet manner, particularly useful for those subject to workplace violence e.g. healthcare workers, or those working in remote areas subject to environmental hazards.


Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity & Safety

As a government services provider, you’re entrusted with some of the most complex and vital facilities that keep our nation running. You can’t afford to trust your business continuity and resilience to outdated, fixed premise security solutions and single-use personal safety hardware. Government agencies are being forced to do more with less which is why a scalable solution like SafeZone® that can address different scenarios for a variety of stakeholders is increasingly being adopted by the public sector.

SafeZone fundamentally transforms your ability to manage personal safety, security and emergency situations so you can respond more consistently and up to 50% faster to protect your most important asset, your people. Through real-time visualization, communications and response coordination, SafeZone helps streamline operations, is easy to use and can be deployed in days vs. months.

mass notification for critical incidents

Targeted Communications

Whether a building evacuation, a natural disaster, a pandemic or a terrorist incident, government organizations need the ability to quickly send emergency communication notifications to their teams.

SafeZone is custom-configured to your organization and enables you to set up a series of geo-fenced zones so you can send targeted messages to impacted parties based on location, department, role, and can also support sending a mass notification message to thousands in a building, campus, town or city. The real-time security notifications can be sent via push notification, email and SMS and has the intelligence to report on the deliverability of these critical messages.  The notices can be received by individuals in metropolitan or remote areas – all that’s required is a mobile or WiFi signal.

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Risk Management

As a government agency, you are aware of the safety, liability and risk landscape in your daily operations. Your risk mitigation strategy should include identification of assets to be protected (your facilities and workforce) and examination of external threats (active assailant, fire, natural disaster). From there, you begin to apply controls in a layered way until your infrastructure risks are reduced to an acceptable level.

SafeZone provides you with the intelligence to test, evaluate, and optimize–further reducing your risk. For example, SafeZone enables you to record team responses to both exercises and live critical incidents, so you can debrief your team and look for opportunities to optimize your team’s performance.

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Protecting Staff – International Travel

It’s common for government organizations to have staff abroad in dozens of different countries e.g. attending conferences, conducting research, and protecting dignitaries and diplomats. Does your organization know when your staff has arrived plus their exact location in the country at any given time? Are you able to efficiently relay instructions in case of civil unrest or a natural disaster, or to check-in and verify they’re OK? The inability to support these basic functions leaves your government organization exposed.

Government teams are turning to SafeZone to help them create geo-zones around the cities or countries where their staff travel, to enable communication alerts, provide visibility to incidents, and meet their duty of care. In fact, SafeZone is operational in over eighty countries worldwide by our customers. Plus SafeZone makes it easy for individuals abroad to discreetly raise an alert and route the call to the appropriate authority, so the government agency knows who is in duress, where they are, and what type of assistance they need.

Search & Rescue. Rapid Response.

Critical Incident Recovery

In the government sector, it has never been more important to resolve threats to government services quickly, effectively and completely. The high-performance cloud-based service SafeZone delivers real-time situational awareness to public safety and security teams and all first responders. This knowledge and awareness transforms your organization’s ability to respond to any situation. Improved incident management enables security teams to mobilize quickly to protect and defend people and assets with minimal interruption to public services.

Geo-targeted mass notifications can warn staff of impending danger and direct them to mustering points. By getting the right information to the right staff, at the right time in any incident location globally, SafeZone streamlines day-to-day operations, enhances safety and provides the means for better, faster outcomes too help your organization resume operations and continue supporting the general public.

Sydney Trains Select SafeZone to Protect Thousands of Staff

How Sydney Trains is Protecting Staff

Custom Security Solutions

Lone Workers

SafeZone helps protect your lone workers by enabling consistent, two-way communication no matter where your workers are stationed.

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One-Touch Call

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By enabling users to request emergency help, medical assistance or report a security concern via a quick tap on their phone without the need to speak to a call handler, SafeZone overcomes all language differences and cultural barriers.

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Government Agencies Adopt SafeZone

Thousands of Australian public sector workers protected as several government agencies adopt SafeZone, including Sydney Trains and the Australian Tax Office.

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