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With SafeZone Alliance, your organization can join a supportive network of institutions, that will help to keep your people safe even beyond your boundaries

SafeZone Alliances are spreading rapidly,  making it easy for organizations to provide mutual support to each others’ people when they are working remotely, traveling, or visiting neighboring institutions.

When an individual requests help, advice, or support, their own institution is notified as usual, but if immediate assistance is needed, that will be provided by any Alliance team in close proximity. So, for example, if a student from one campus is visiting another campus, they will benefit from the same level of rapid protection as they receive at their own institution.

Through mutually supportive SafeZone Alliances, organizations can fulfill the SafeZone promise of providing Safety Everywhere – across cities, regions, and states – and demonstrate their commitment to meeting their duty of care to all their people, wherever they are, 24/7.

Find out how SafeZone Alliance can benefit your organization by contacting your local CriticalArc Customer Success Manager, or simply contacting us.

SafeZone Alliance

Student and staff wellbeing is always the top priority for our universities and we are pleased to put in place a pioneering cross-city initiative that furthers this shared aim.
Dr Sam Grogan, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Student Experience at University of Salford on behalf of the universities with the Manchester Safezone Alliance group