Why SafeZone?

SafeZone transforms your organization’s capabilities to protect your people with the following unique capabilities:

Safety Everywhere™


SafeZone offers ‘Safety EverywhereTM, which enables you to manage the safety of your people wherever you have duty of care regardless of geography. This means you can keep your people safe at central and satellite locations, both indoors and outdoors, in remote locations, or when they’re studying/working abroad.

Safety Everywhere reduces the complexity traditionally associated with managing risk and providing safety in complex or distributed organizations by enabling a consistent and easy-to-use experience for everyone, regardless of how protocols and processes vary by circumstance and/or location.

As a result, SafeZone eliminates the need for different solutions to support a variety of environments and protocols, which translates to streamlined implementation, training and daily operations.

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Your people will be confident they’re safe because they know irrespective of where they are, they can quickly get help, access information and follow directives in the same way every time.  For critical situations, they’re directly connected to the appropriate response team that know who and where they are, so they can access immediate assistance.

The consistent user experience provided to your people adds to their safety as individuals know what they’re expected to do and how to do it, so they don’t have stop and consider what actions are required in a stressful situation. This consistency drives better outcomes, especially in scenarios overcoming mental health and wellbeing concerns or language barriers.

Real-time Coordination & Response

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SafeZone transforms how organizations can respond to incidents of any scale through unprecedented real time visualization of the situation and the ability to coordinate resources optimally to ensure the best possible outcome; Organizations that deploy SafeZone typically see at least a 50% reduction in response time.

For the first time, leadership can see who is available to respond, where they’re located relative to incidents, issue commands to respond, view their response in real-time, and adjust as conditions on the front lines change.

In addition, collaboration between responders allows them to see one another’s location relative to their own position, as well as the location of any critical incidents, and enhances the team’s ability to back-up and assist one another, ensuring their safety as conditions change.


SafeZone also enables organizations to integrate a wide range of potential responders to optimize response to any situation through communication and visualization of specific groups of first responders, specialists, volunteers, outside agencies and end users based on their real-time location, role, and the nature of the situation.

This unique, distributed command & control technology acts as a force multiplier to enable lean safety and security teams to cover large complex environments as well as broad geographic areas in the most effective possible way.

With SafeZone’s Real-time Coordination & Response, you’ll strengthen your organization’s capacity to respond to incidents and emergencies, optimize outcomes, fulfill your duty of care, and mitigate risks.

Operational Insights


For the first time, you’ll have insight into operations to optimize and improve your organization’s performance so you can be confident your organization is doing the best possible job to protect your community.

SafeZone empowers your organization to understand vulnerabilities and threats, correlate data, and observe trends in one complete picture, enabling your teams to work together proactively.

With Operational Insights, you can ensure your staff are optimally deployed, your organization’s procedures are effective, and that each person on your staff knows how to respond and can quickly adapt to commands so you can be confident your team can handle all incidents, regardless of scale.


Intelligent heat-maps enable you to see exactly where and when your team patrolled, by day, by shift, or by hour so you can verify compliance and better align patrol patterns to improve security, facilitate community engagement and improve perceptions of safety.

SafeZone provides extensive reporting, analysis and playback of every incident, including second-by-second details of all communications and each responder’s location, which enhances after-action reviews by highlighting opportunities to optimize future performance.

Only SafeZone allows these unprecedented insights coupled with our Customer Success Team working with you to benchmark and improve your team’s performance, enhance safety and take advantage of industry best practices.

Unified Solution

Unified Solution

SafeZone offers one solution to address all of your safety, security, mental health & wellbeing, and emergency management needs across your entire organization, providing value throughout each day.

SafeZone allows complete situational awareness through a common operating picture across your organization so teams that were once siloed can work together on a more effective response to incidents, regardless of scope or scale.

As a result of eliminating multiple systems and screens, you can reduce costs tied to disparate systems that streamline procurement and lower their cost of ownership, providing greater overall value.

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With one consistent solution for your entire organization, your people will be confident regardless of where they are, their safety is being managed and they can get help in the same way every time.

Unlike mass notification systems, critical event management solutions, and public safety apps, only SafeZone offers a unified solution to provide your organization with situational awareness via its Real-time Coordination and Response, and Operational Insights to enable your team to provide Safety Everywhere™ so you can protect your community wherever you have duty of care.