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Why SafeZone

flexible and expandable solutionlone worker
Peter Scargill, Director of Commercial, Residential & Campus Services at the University of Exeter was in search of a lone working solution and found SafeZone to be a flexible service that’s constantly being enhanced.

Build community spirit of safety and security

women in security

Claire Humble, Head of Campus Security at Teesside University shares her views of how SafeZone helped her team create a culture of community, safety and wellbeing.

Giving Students Control over Student Safety

InnovationsafezoneStudent SafetyUniversity of Manchester

Janine Rigby, Innovation Manager at Manchester University, cite’s SafeZone’s mobile-friendly technology as way to empower students to manage their safety.

York uses SafeZone to Protect Students & Staff Travelling Overseas

international travelProtecting FacultysafezoneUniversity of York

Denis Fowler, Director of Health, Safety and Security describes how University of York uses SafeZone to protect staff and students travelling overseas.

Using SafeZone for International Applications

Duty of Careinternational travelProtect StaffProtect studentssafezoneUCLANUniversity of Central Lancanshire

Frank Wadamore, Networks and Security Manager at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) on how they’re using SafeZone to meet their duty of care and protect staff and students on international travel.

Factors Driving Leicester University to Adopt SafeZone

campus safetyLeicester Universitysafezone

Laurence Perkins, Head of Security at the University of Leicester, describes the factors which led to the adoption of SafeZone to enhance campus safety.

Mark Arnold – Coordinating Support Off-Campus

Off-CampussafezoneUniversity of Kent

Mark Arnold, Head of Security, University of kent, discusses how he can coordinate protection and support of students in the city center (off-campus).

DCU needed a tool to help them better communicate with students

Declan Raftery, COO at Dublin City University describes how SafeZone helps them understand who’s calling for help and where they are so they can respond faster.

SafeZone’s Command & Control Technology

campus safetycampus securityCommand & Control technologycommand and controlcritical incident responsecritical incidentscriticalarcEmergency Managementhealth and safetyImperial College of Londonsafezoneuniversity safety

Terry Branch, Imperial College of London, describes the advantages of SafeZone’s command & control technology.

Les Allan on his Partnership with CriticalArc

campus safetycampus securitycritical incidentscriticalarchealth and safetyHeriot Watt Universitysafezoneuniversity safety

Les Allan, Director of SafeGuarding Services at Heriot-Watt University and incoming President of AUCSO, talks about his partnership with CriticalArc.

SafeZone Helps Ensure Safety of Students Studying Abroad

campus safetycampus securitycommand and controlcritical incident responsecritical incidentscriticalarcEmergency Managementhealth and safetysafezoneUniversity of Glasgowuniversity safety

Gary Stephen, Head of Security & Operational Support at Glasgow University highlights how SafeZone can better protect students and staff abroad.

After-Sales Support is Superb

campus safetycampus securitycommand and controlcritical incident responsecritical incidentscriticalarcEmergency Managementhealth and safetyImperial Collegel Londonsafezoneuniversity safety

Terry Branch, Head of Security Services at Imperial College London, describes the quality of after-sales support from CriticalArc.