As the Summer Heats up, Prepare for the Storms to Come

Millions of Americans are under heat advisories, and temperature records are being broken globally from Canada, to Europe, to Japan. China has just recorded its highest ever temperature (52.2C/126/F). The World Meteorological Organization reminds us that extreme weather is “becoming the new normal”.

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

For the first time, CriticalArc SafeZone technology is allowing Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust to provide meaningful protection for its staff undertaking vital work in the community – specialist medical and mental healthcare workers who are assessed to be at higher risk.

University of Salford Invests in Student Safety and Wellbeing

Located just minutes from Manchester’s vibrant city centre, the University of Salford is a hub of contemporary learning and creativity. The University adopted CriticalArc’s SafeZone® technology as the best solution for student safety and wellbeing – and when two major emergencies occurred, the technology’s multiple functions within a unified platform proved invaluable in managing the incidents.