Desktop Notifications

Increase the Reach of your Emergency Communications

When major incidents occur, organizations need to get information out fast. SafeZone not only provides notifications to users’ mobiles via Push and SMS but also straight to computer screens as a pop-up, full-screen message.

Display Emergency Messages in More Places

  • In computer labs
  • Reception areas
  • Lecture theatre screens
  • Monitors and displays in corridors
  • Individual users’ laptops and desktops
  • On and off-site

Key Features

  • Either mass broadcast or targeted alerts
  • Hosted off-site in secure SafeZone infrastructure
  • Pre-templated and tied to SafeZone’s other comms media (SMS, Push Notifications and Email)
  • System volume override
  • Configurable display templates for wider applicability
  • Supports both Windows and Mac Operating systems so can be used throughout your estate
  • Overrides the lock screen so you can be sure users will see the message
  • Audible alert tones to focus people’s attention
  • Text-to-speech available to support accessibility
  • Rolled up and sent as a larger pre-templated response withSafeZone’s push, email, and SMS notifications for a unified emergency communication management
  • Easy installation with desktop management tools supporting unattended installs and auto-configuration

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