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Keeping your people safe is vital for today’s organizations. CriticalArc’s SafeZone, the unified safety, security and emergency management solution, provides Safety Everywhere™ for your people, wherever you have duty of care. Through Real-time Coordination and Response, organizations are empowered to respond faster and more effectively to incidents of any scale. And SafeZone’s Operational Insights streamlines day-to-day operations and enables unprecedented post-incident learnings to continuously improve team performance and optimize future response. Quick to deploy, scalable, and easy to use, SafeZone is transforming how leading organizations manage the safety of millions of people every day.


For institutions and employers globally, the well-being and safety of people is a top priority.

It’s not just a question of ‘duty of care’; it’s about attracting the best people and providing safe environments where everyone can flourish. It’s about creating productive, inclusive, and successful communities.

That is what CriticalArc’s SafeZone empowers you to do.

We are working with major organizations across the globe, including scores of leading universities, healthcare providers, and corporations. They are entrusting the wellbeing and safety of their people to our ground-breaking SafeZone technology.

What SafeZone is - and what it does

SafeZone works round-the-clock, wherever your people are, to help keep them safe. It does this by providing an easy, direct link between all your individual users and your organization’s response services.

SafeZone is easy to adopt, and is configured to your priorities.

Wherever your people are, at the touch of a button they can ask for routine help,  report concerns, or call for an emergency response, including from security, police, and medical emergency teams.

SafeZone makes the best use of resources and combines all your essential safety and communications functions into a single, efficient management platform. Allowing your response team to do more with less, SafeZone enhances care and protection for your people, it keeps your organization prepared for any emergency, and reduces your risks 24/7.

Protection and wellbeing support

SafeZone makes life better for everyone in your community, by providing vital connections to support services, day or night.

Whatever difficulties or challenges your people face – from accidents to medical emergencies, from mental health anxiety to major incidents – SafeZone lets you tailor and deliver the most effective, fastest response.

With SafeZone your organization’s response team is always there, and always ready. Your people are always protected.

First responder coordination, rapid response

With SafeZone your first response officers and support staff can now coordinate their movements and tactics, moment by moment. Officers’ locations and status are visualized in the control room, in real time, using the SafeZone’s OmniGuard security management platform. SafeZone gives incident commanders and dispatchers complete domain awareness, and allows the most appropriate, dynamic response across your site, whatever the incident.

Secondary responders; incident response and collaboration
control room

SafeZone’s OmniGuard management platform makes it easy for incident commanders to coordinate responses, allowing collaboration between your first responders (security or police officers) and secondary responders (first aiders, fire wardens, ERT/IRT volunteers, etc). The locations and status of all available responders are shown in real time, allowing the most effective and flexible resource coordination from the incident control room.

Lone worker safety and duress
lone worker

SafeZone gives every individual member of your community the ability to request immediate assistance whenever they need it, wherever they are. A flexible choice of duress devices – including the SafeZone phone app, wearable alarms, and workstation interfaces – means that users have the most convenient ways to stay connected. From medical assistance to emergencies, SafeZone allows the fastest possible response, giving all your people the reassurance of Safety Everywhere.

Unlike traditional lone worker solutions, SafeZone’s fair and transparent pricing lets your organization provide comprehensive coverage for everyone. Plus, the flexible choice of duress devices means that users don’t forget to stay connected. With SafeZone every member of your community can be safer, and feel safer.

Mass communications, and targeted tactical communications
mass notification via phone

SafeZone gives your organization the most resilient communications capabilities, ensuring you’ll always be able to get vital messages to your community, even during emergencies when other systems are disrupted or fail. SafeZone makes it easy to send notifications to your entire population, or to target specific sub-groups, defined by location, role, risk status, etc. By extending your ability to communicate with all your people, SafeZone allows a more pre-emptive approach to managing safety, and more effective responses to major incidents.

Mental health, wellbeing, and crisis support; community engagement services

Students or staff experiencing mental health difficulties can now use SafeZone 24/7 to easily access support and information, removing the need for them to navigate complex web portals or call support lines that may not be staffed. A unique patent-pending SafeZone feature, supporting CAPS and EAPS programs, allows essential and timely intervention based on who that person is, where they are located, and what time of day or night it is. SafeZone can ease the sense of isolation and make it OK to ask for help.

SafeZone also empowers every individual to take a more active interest in the wellbeing of those around them. By making it easy to access emergency help or routine advice, and to anonymously report concerns (‘see it, say it’ tip reporting), SafeZone brings people together, and fosters more positive and supportive environments which people feel a part of.

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