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TACUPA Symposium – Lessons Learned from Ferguson

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TACUPA symposium, in partnership with CriticalArc and Tarrant County College, provides viewers with an understanding of events that led to civil unrest in Ferguson, the implications of unrest, protest and rioting, and offers practical and effective ways to build capital with the community to prevent an event like the Ferguson from happening again.

Speaker Byron “Sarge” Watson was a front-line supervisor for St. Louis County Police Department during the events in Ferguson. He was a primary liaison to the St. Louis County Chief of Police, community leaders and the media before, during and after the events in Ferguson. In addition, Byron was appointed by then Governor Jay Nixon to the Ferguson Commission to seek solutions to prevent future civil unrest and to promote healing in the St. Louis region. Mr. Watson served with St. Louis County Police Department and St. Louis County Community College for over 40 years and continues to the St. Louis region today as a board member of BackStoppers Inc., a Police Chaplain, an ordained pastor and an international ambassador for the Moolah Shriners.

For more information on TACUPA (Texas Association of College and University Police Administrators), visit their website.

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