SafeZone Wellbeing Assistance

Wellbeing teams around the world are experiencing increased demand for their services, with young adults as the fastest-growing segment in need of support.




Increased Demand

Rates of mental illness have increased in recent years. A recent study shows one in three U.S. adults aged 18-25 experienced a mental illness, and 3.8 million had serious thoughts of suicide[1].

Complex Support Requirements 

The variety of support people need for wellbeing is varied and includes those struggling with financial pressures; loneliness, and unfamiliar environments.

Difficulty Navigating Options

Organizations struggle to present the multitude of hotlines, websites, and other tools to users in a concise and user-friendly manner, especially when it comes to explaining where and when each service is available and who it’s designed for.

See how SafeZone streamlines access to Mental Health & Wellbeing services

How SafeZone Helps:

SafeZone is used by millions of users globally to help improve their safety and optimize outcomes for emergency incidents. SafeZone’s new Wellbeing Assistance button builds on this and enables organizations to direct their users to easily access the support they need by more effectively assigning the organization’s resources.

The Wellbeing feature directs users to the relative webpage or phone number for assistance or presents a triage page that lists several options. Importantly, all the above can be tailored based on a combination of WHO presses the button, WHERE the button is pressed, and WHEN they press it.