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SafeZone Secure™ to Help Universities Secure Closed Campuses

Unique solution helps security teams meet COVID-19 challenges in under 24 hours

Denver, Colorado, 19 March 2020 – CriticalArc Inc. who created the comprehensive SafeZone™ system in use worldwide, announces the availability of the SafeZone Secure™ service which has been designed specifically to help universities manage the security and safety of closed or partially closed campuses. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, universities are closing campuses all around the world and as a result, campus security and public safety organizations from some of the world’s leading universities have adopted SafeZone Secure to help them make the strategic shift from a public safety to physical security posture. This transition comes with a range of unique challenges tied to securing large, mostly empty, campuses and facilities with limited personnel while also safeguarding those who remain on site.

SafeZone Secure is uniquely placed to help security teams secure campuses, coordinate security assets in real time, and maintain oversight across campus. The service acts as a force multiplier by enabling campus security teams to visualize where assets are so they can be dispatched in real-time, and is particularly well-suited for the challenges of securing, controlling, patrolling and responding to incidents across large estates in the most effective way possible.

“In response to the needs of the higher education community, SafeZone Secure is now commercially deployed in the protection of some of the highest profile campuses in the US,” said founder and CEO Glenn Farrant. “Able to be configured and operational within 24 hours, the service creates a new benchmark for universities looking for a solution that is easy to use and meets the unique challenges tied to closing and securing a campus.”

SafeZone Secure provides immediate benefits including live and historical depictions of where, when and how often teams have patrolled designated areas, and enables organizations to engage all resources on site who can assist with the mission of managing security, such as facilities teams, contract security, medical teams (First Aiders) and other campus representatives. In addition, enhanced safety protocols can be enacted to protect those individuals who may still need to access campus for essential reasons such as maintaining research and critical facilities.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges, at a scale and pace never before seen by campus police and campus security teams. As campuses are closed, command teams will likely struggle with the transition from public safety to more of a security focus as they protect the vital assets of university campuses across the globe. SafeZone Secure represents a dynamic solution that can instantly add value to help address these challenges.

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