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CriticalArc Renews Successful Partnership with IACLEA

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, NOVEMBER 16 2021 – IACLEA announced today that CriticalArc has renewed its commitment as an Association Corporate Partner through August 2023. CriticalArc first began its partnership with IACLEA in 2017.

“We believe strongly in the vital work that IACLEA does, raising standards across the higher education sector, and are delighted to continue our support,” said Glenn Farrant, CriticalArc’s CEO. “We are committed to partnering with and supporting university campus police and public safety teams at national, regional and local levels.”

“We are pleased to continue our productive partnership with our friends at CriticalArc,” said IACLEA President Patrick Ogden, Associate Vice President for Safety and Security at the University of Delaware. “The CriticalArc team brings creative, proven and relevant solutions to IACLEA members, enhancing the operations and safety of our campus. We are grateful for their collaboration and for the innovations they share with members.”

The support of its Corporate Partners helps IACLEA to advance its strategic initiatives, furthering its educational mission, and enhancing the ability of campus public safety agencies to protect higher education institutions.

CriticalArc is a staunch supporter of local campus police organizations as well. The company recently sponsored regional meetings in California (CCUPCA) and in Texas (TACUPA).

CriticalArc has established itself as one of the sector’s leading technology innovators, through the design and development of its distributed command and control solution, SafeZone. The platform is a high-performance cloud service that delivers real-time coordination and response capabilities to campus public safety leaders and responders in the field, transforming their capacity to respond in any situation. SafeZone empowers first responders providing real-time situational awareness by sending incident details simultaneously to the control- room and to officers in the field.

“SafeZone lets command teams quickly determine who’s available to respond, where they are, and what their role or specialty is so campus police leaders can get the right people and resources to the scene for faster and more effective incident resolution,” Farrant said.

Additional information on the IACLEA Corporate Partnership Program can be found at www.iaclea.org/corporate-partners/.




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About CriticalArc

CriticalArc is a global technology innovator and the creator of the distributed command and control solution, SafeZone®, which has been adopted by dozens of universities and enterprises across the world to help ensure the fastest possible emergency and safety support for students and staff by providing easy, direct access to responders. SafeZone fundamentally changes the way businesses manage safety and security operations across multi-site organizations and dispersed campuses, allowing proactive response that positively impacts the outcome of any incident.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, CriticalArc has offices and operations in North America and the United Kingdom, providing an international delivery capability and reach. For more information on CriticalArc and SafeZone, please go to criticalarc.com, email contact@criticalarc.com or telephone +1 800 985 9402.


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