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CCUPCA Webinar – Best Practices for the Return to Campus

Please join us Wednesday, July 1st at 3:30 PM PT for CCUPCA’s interactive webinar on best practices to reopen campus safely.

This webinar examines the following critical topics:  

  • Best practices being adopted to reopen campus safely in the Fall
  • How to align campus safety and security initiatives with university leadership priorities
  • The quest for solutions that address stakeholder’s needs and can be implemented in days vs. months

Webinar Speakers & Moderators:

Laura Wilson
Director of Public Safety,
Stanford University

James E. Watson
Chief of Police, CSU Fresno Police Department

John Thomas
Chief of the Department of Public Safety,
University of Southern California

Joseph Ramos
Chief of Police,
San Diego Community College District

Gary Mejia
Retired Chief at Fuller Theological Summary

[Webinar Moderator]

Glenn Farrant
CEO & Co-Founder

[Webinar Moderator]

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