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Chubb and CriticalArc Introduce Monitored Security Solution

Chubb and CriticalArc introduce Grade A1 monitored security and emergency management solution for staff safety

Solution Establishes New Benchmark for Australian Organizations to Protect Their Staff

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 26 October 2020 – Chubb and CriticalArc have joined forces to enable SafeZone®, CriticalArc’s award-winning cloud-based safety, security and emergency management solution to be monitored by Chubb’s 24/7 Graded A1 (Redundant R1A) monitoring centers.

The SafeZone App makes it easy for staff members to summon help via a simple tap on their phone, sharing their location, identity, and need directly to Chubb’s monitoring centre response team.

Additionally, when a SafeZone App user enters a high-risk environment or is simply working alone, they can check-in using the SafeZone App. If they don’t clear the check-in timer before the set time, an alert will be activated and Chubb’s monitoring response team will respond.

This new partnership between Chubb and CriticalArc means the SafeZone solution is now suitable for all organizations whether they have their own security response team or not. The solution can be configured so all alerts are responded to solely by Chubb, the organization’s own responders or a combination of both.

The SafeZone solution is scalable and can be configured as a simple lone-worker check-in and duress-based smart phone solution or a complete holistic emergency management solution including mass notifications, analytics and indoor positioning capabilities depending on your organization’s requirements.

SafeZone uses cloud-based, SaaS technology so it can be deployed in days and will deliver a highly scalable distributed command and control environment, that connects SafeZone users with a response team in real time.

This solution was recently deployed into the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to manage the security and safety of its staff working in both its offices and in the field. SafeZone solution puts ATO’s front-line staff directly in touch with Chubb’s monitoring centre response teams, letting them summon for immediate assistance at the touch of a button when required.

SafeZone fundamentally transforms an organization’s ability to manage its staff safety and security in emergency situations, the capability to direct alarms into Chubb’s 24/7 monitoring centres ensures a consistent and fast response to protect organization’s most important asset, their people.

“Chubb’s integration of SafeZone at our Monitoring Centre’s has established a new benchmark for organizations to protect their staff, streamline operations, which is easy to use and quick to deploy.” – Joshua Simmons, Managing Director – Chubb Monitoring Solutions

“As a result of this partnership between CriticalArc and Chubb, tens of thousands of public and private sector workers are being protected by SafeZone,” said Darren Chalmers-Stevens, Managing Director, CriticalArc. “Now organizations of all sizes, from small enterprises to major corporations, will be able to provide enhanced protection for their people, nationwide.”

“Chubb is a natural partner for CriticalArc given that the company operates the highest ASIAL graded security monitoring centre in the country. This, coupled with SafeZone’s unique capabilities, will transform safety standards for many more customers.”

Chubb and CriticalArc will be attending the Security & Government Expo on Thursday November 12th, 2020, to demonstrate the combined offering. For more information on SafeZone go to or

For more information on CriticalArc and SafeZone go to or



 About CriticalArc

CriticalArc provides SafeZone®, the leading safety, security and emergency management solution that helps large organizations keep their people safe and respond more effectively to critical incidents so they can fulfil their duty of care and mitigate risks. SafeZone fundamentally transforms the ability to manage personal safety, security and emergency situations so organizations can respond consistently and more than 50% faster to protect their most important asset, their people. Through real-time visualization, communications and response coordination, SafeZone has established a new benchmark for organizations to protect their community that streamlines operations, is easy to use and quick to deploy.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, CriticalArc has offices and operations in the UK and North America providing an international delivery capability and reach. For more information on CriticalArc and SafeZone, please go to


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