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70% of parents say campus safety is critical in picking schools.

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70% of parents say campus safety is critical in picking schools.

It’s normal for parents to worry about their child while they’re away. Especially when 70% of parents say that campus security is critical when picking schools1. How can you put their minds at ease?

It’s hard to convey and demonstrate the steps your university is taking to help protect students – emergency telephones are not enough.  To address this, University leaders are looking for seamless security solutions that demonstrate their commitment to meet their duty of care. Accomplishing this is vital to retention, recruitment and the overall student experience.

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University Partner Testimonials

Staff and student well-being and safety is of the utmost importance at the University of Washington and a critical component of the Husky student experience. The SafeZone solution enables us to respond more effectively and efficiently to students and staff who need emergency support. We have been consistently impressed with the benefits SafeZone can deliver, along with its ease of use and deployment.
John Vinson, Assistant Vice-President for Student Life/Chief of Police
“SafeZone is simple to use, easy to explain and has powerful reporting, geo-fencing and communications features that help universities optimally deploy their resources and shrinks response times by up to 50%.”

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Attract & Retain Students

University Registrars and Vice Chancellors are under increasing pressure to attract and retain new and existing students, including international students. Since 88% of international students say a strong campus safety and security program influences what university they’ll attend, (and international students represent tens of billions of dollars in economic impact) investing in technology like SafeZone has a high ROI. Several universities have begun to promote their culture of safety and their use of SafeZone as a means to distinguish their institution from competing universities. Registrars understand that when students feel safe, it positively impacts the student experience and university retention rates.

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Demonstrate Pastoral Care to Parents

Astute universities recognize that parents often heavily influence the decision on where their son or daughter will attend University. Given this, universities are now beginning to proactively address parents’ concerns about safety to increase positive perceptions. Several of our customers have cited the positive feedback from parents when they learn about SafeZone. It’s rare that campus security teams can point to an improvement that so clearly demonstrates the university’s commitment to protect its students and staff as part of its overall risk management strategy.

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Enhancing Your Campus Safety

CriticalArc’s unique safety and emergency management app, SafeZone®, is changing the way educational institutions are managing safety. By providing unprecedented situational awareness, the command and control software provides your team with a common operating view so your officers can view their position relative to each other as well as incidents, which enables your team to respond faster and minimize impacts. In addition, the free SafeZone app makes it easy for students and staff to summon help via simple tap on their mobile phone, enhancing the duty of care provided by your organization.

mass notification for critical incidents

Campus Alert System

Whether a school lockdown, fire, or severe weather, a campus alert system enables you to quickly send emergency communications to students, faculty, and staff.  SafeZone is custom-configured to your university and enables you to set up a series of geo-zones so you can send targeted messages to impacted parties based on location or send a mass notification message across the entire university. This real-time security solution creates a safe student experience.

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Protecting Students & Staff Overseas

It’s common for universities to have study abroad programs in 100+ countries. In addition, professors and students participate in exchange programs and university officials travel extensively to attend various conferences. As part of their expansion programs, several universities are building campuses in regions outside their main campus. Campus Safety teams are turning to SafeZone to help them create geo-zones around the cities or countries where their students and staff travel,  to enable mass notification, provide visibility to incidents, and meet their duty of care. In fact, SafeZone is operational in over eighty countries worldwide by our customers.

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Shortfall of Resources

Given the growth and expansion of Universities, Campus Safety teams are under increasing pressure to absorb incremental responsibilities with little or no increase in staff or budget. When faced with these pressures, college security leaders turn to technology to offset a shortage in resources. Our customers have frequently described SafeZone as a force multiplier that acts an essential component of their Emergency Response Plan. The ability to view the location, availability and role of each officer in the field enables universities to manage their large campuses and estates with small teams, yet still fulfill their duty of care to students, faculty and staff.

Custom Security Solutions

Personal Safety

Northeast University Case Study Thumb

SafeZone helps ensure the personal safety of students and staff, plus boosts the performance of Northeastern University’s campus police in Boston, MA.

Read the case study.

Quick Response

Northumbria University Case Study Thumb

Safezone enables Northumbria University to respond more quickly and is also helping them recruit more international students.

Read the case study.

Modern Security

Heriot Watt Case Study Thumb

Heriot-Watt University in Edingburgh implemented SafeZone to accelerate the modernization of its Security Services, including extending visibility to its campuses in Dubai and Malaysia.

Read the case study.

Partner Testimonials

SafeZone is essential technology to position your organization on the cutting edge of campus safety and security. The real-time common operating view both enhances officer safety and acts a force multiplier. Plus, the entire police department benefits from advanced features such as heat mapping and incident playback to optimize performance. I strongly recommend SafeZone!
Ron Davidson, Chief of Police
“When somebody uses SafeZone to call us for help, instead of using 911, we can pinpoint their location more accurately. And now, with the indoor positioning solution, we know the floor, wing and room where that help is needed, instead of just the building.”
Randy Repola, Chief of Police, CU Anschutz Medical Campus

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