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Build community spirit of safety and security

Claire Humble, Head of Campus Security at Teesside University shares her views of how SafeZone helped her team create a culture of community, safety and wellbeing.

Alison Levey discusses student recruitment

Alison Levey, Director of Student & Academic Services from Aston University talks about how using SafeZone helps make students feel safe and positively influences student recruitment.

Laurence Perkins_Safety key factor in recruitment

Laurence Perkins, Head of Security at Leicester University discusses how Security & Safety ranked second for students and their parents when selecting universities, and the importance of Security playing a more active role in recruitment events.

Mark Arnold (University of Kent) on Protecting Students Abroad

Higher Education

Mark Arnold, Head of Security at University of Kent discusses how SafeZone is an effective tool to help his team communicate to students abroad caught in an international terror attack or natural disaster and get them to safety.