Customer Testimonials

How SafeZone Impacts Student Experience

campus safetycampus securityStudent ExperienceTeesside Universitywomen in security

Claire Humble, Head of Campus Security, Teesside University, discusses how SafeZone positively influences the Student Experience.

Why We Enjoy Working with CriticalArc

customer relationscustomer service

Peter Scargill, Director of Commercial, Residential & Campus Services at the University of Exeter explains that customer support is always there; CriticalArc listens to our feedback to drive the product forward.

Lone Workers and Tip Reporting with SafeZone

Higher Educationlone workertip reporting

SafeZone empowers users to report any issues around campus and also helps protect lone workers.

SafeZone as a Strategic Asset

Higher Education

Les Allan, Director of SafeGuarding Services at Heriot-Watt University, and incoming President of AUCSO, views SafeZone as a strategic asset for a university and recommends it for consideration.

Securing approval for SafeZone

Higher Education

Alison Levey, Director of Student & Academic Services at Aston University discusses how she teamed up with the Security Team to secure funding from Aston’s executive team.

Why SafeZone

flexible and expandable solutionlone worker
Peter Scargill, Director of Commercial, Residential & Campus Services at the University of Exeter was in search of a lone working solution and found SafeZone to be a flexible service that’s constantly being enhanced.

Build community spirit of safety and security

women in security

Claire Humble, Head of Campus Security at Teesside University shares her views of how SafeZone helped her team create a culture of community, safety and wellbeing.

Giving Students Control over Student Safety

InnovationsafezoneStudent SafetyUniversity of Manchester

Janine Rigby, Innovation Manager at Manchester University, cite’s SafeZone’s mobile-friendly technology as way to empower students to manage their safety.

York uses SafeZone to Protect Students & Staff Travelling Overseas

international travelProtecting FacultysafezoneUniversity of York

Denis Fowler, Director of Health, Safety and Security describes how University of York uses SafeZone to protect staff and students travelling overseas.