SafeZone Procurement Made Easy Through Digital Marketplace

SafeZone Procurement Made Easy Through Digital Marketplace

Publicly funded organisations can now benefit from CriticalArc’s approved unified safety and security solution on government frameworks

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 3 SEPTEMBER 2019 – Public sector organisations, including those in healthcare, education and local government, can now save time and money through streamlined procurement of CriticalArc’s SafeZone® following its listing on frameworks on the Australian and UK governments’ Digital Marketplace.

These government Digital Marketplaces make it easier for buyers to search for, assess and award contracts for the best technology solutions, with pre-approved terms & conditions and pricing avoiding the need for pre-screening programs, lengthy tender processes and the time and cost associated with entering into individual procurement contracts.

SafeZone’s approval on the UK Government Cloud 11 Framework and Australia NSW Government ICT Services Scheme ensures an accelerated, low risk procurement process thanks to supplier pre-screening as well as pre-approved terms and conditions, service level agreements (SLAs) and clear, transparent pricing.

CriticalArc’s SafeZone solution is already benefitting public sector organisations, including those in healthcare and transportation, and is widely used in the higher education sector.

“Having SafeZone listed on the Digital Marketplaces is a major benefit for public institutions, including universities,” says Darren Chalmers-Stevens, Managing Director for CriticalArc. “It means they can align with procurement rules and in-country government digital strategies and avoid the burden of time-consuming and costly tender processes. This accelerated procurement means they can now protect their people with the best solution at the right price.”

SafeZone is a cloud-based, unified safety, security and emergency management solution which includes a mobile app that lets staff ask for help, receive safety advice, or trigger an emergency alert. It lets security controllers see the precise locations of all checked-in users, while giving operators effective command and control functionality with the ability to view the availability and location of first responders, coordinate a response, confirm actions have been taken and use mass and geo targeted communications to provide updates across an entire organisation – all in real time.

The ability to ‘geo-fence’ any location in the world also makes the solution valuable for any organisation with staff working remotely, in higher risk settings, or those travelling abroad. It brings together multiple features – including lone-worker protection – making them available in a unified, scalable package.

SafeZone can be accessed via the UK government G Cloud 11 Framework on the government Digital Marketplace. UK buyers can check their eligibility to use the service by going to the customer unique reference number (URN) list.

In Australia, agencies and government departments able to procure from the NSW Digital Framework, can search ‘CriticalArc’ or ‘SafeZone’ or go direct to the NSW government procurement buyer guide to find CriticalArc listed as an approved supplier.


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