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SafeZone for Australian Councils

SafeZone is a comprehensive security solution designed to help Australian councils protect their staff and efficiently respond to critical incidents. Councils provide essential services to the public, often in situations that involve heightened risk, necessitating robust safety measures.

“Sydney Trains is committed to fulfilling our duty of care to all of our staff and enhancing our high safety standards in order to maintain and enrich customer service levels on station platforms. Employing proven technology such as SafeZone will help us solve day-to-day challenges, further improving the safety of our staff and helping them work more effectively to continue to deliver world-class service.”
Mark Edmonds, Manager of Security Capability, Network Operations
Fulfilling Duty of Care
Protect Staff

SafeZone ensures councils meet their duty of care by enabling staff to summon help quickly through the SafeZone app.

Protecting Lone Workers
Survey lone worker

Whether working in remote areas or in public-facing roles, SafeZone allows lone workers to share their location and status, enhancing their safety.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

SafeZone helps councils manage personal safety and emergency situations, ensuring quick and efficient responses to protect staff.

Targeted Communications
mass notification for critical incidents

Councils can send geo-targeted notifications to specific areas or groups, facilitating rapid communication during emergencies.

Risk Management
Bush fire

SafeZone aids in identifying and mitigating risks by providing real-time data and enabling thorough incident debriefs.

International Travel
workers travelling abroad

SafeZone supports council staff traveling internationally, providing real-time location tracking and communication.

Critical Incident Recovery
Search & Rescue. Rapid Response.

SafeZone’s situational awareness tools help councils manage and recover from critical incidents swiftly.

Case Study: Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains utilizes SafeZone to protect thousands of staff members, ensuring quick response times and enhancing overall safety standards.

SafeZone is an invaluable tool for Australian councils, addressing diverse safety challenges and ensuring the wellbeing of public sector employees.

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