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NACSA Webinar on Managing a Closed Campus

NACSA Webinar on Managing a Closed Campus


Managing a Closed Campus. When Resources Are Scarce.

The webinar is focused on arming campus public safety teams with best practices so they are well equipped to respond quickly to directives from university officials about closing campus to protect students and staff due to the coronavirus crisis. Such a scenario presents several major challenges for public safety and campus police departments, regardless of size or location.
This webinar features an esteemed group of chiefs from around the country who will share their experiences and learnings from current and past experiences around managing and operating in a partially-closed or fully closed campus environment.
The webinar is moderated by CriticalArc’s CEO Glenn Farrant and is available for playback for all NACSA members AND non-members.

Webinar on Managing a Closed Campus With Scarce Resources

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