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Organizations are looking to transform the way they manage safety and security across large, complex environments. Learn how you can empower your team to optimize resources, mitigate risks, and streamline your response to critical incidents.

Top Drivers for a Critical Incident Solution

  • Concerns raised by staff about safety of the work environment; Often driven by a recent critical incident

  • Strategic initiative to upgrade the organization’s physical security and emergency response capabilities

  • To speed the organization’s response to critical incidents

  • To better fulfill its duty of care and manage risk

Everbridge vs. CriticalArc

While Everbridge is one of the more well established providers in the critical incident category, organizations generally want to consider Everbridge competitors to fully assess Everbridge’s platform. CriticalArc’s SafeZone service is quickly gaining popularity as a competitive alternative to Everbridge, due to the depth and breadth of its product functionality and the ROI customers realize within weeks of deployment. Below is a high level comparison of Everbridge vs. CriticalArc in four key categories:

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It's How You Respond

Before moving forward with the Everbridge mass notification system, it’s worthwhile to consider alternatives to the Everbridge platform. One option, SafeZone, is transforming how large organizations provide for the safety and well-being of their people as a leading public safety software and emergency management solution.

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SafeZone is essential technology to position your organization on the cutting edge of campus safety and security. The real-time common operating view both enhances officer safety and acts a force multiplier. Plus, the entire police department benefits from advanced features such as heat mapping and incident playback to optimize performance. I strongly recommend SafeZone!
Ron Davidson, Chief of Police

Video of SafeZone - Top Everbridge Competitor

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Questions to Ask About Everbridge's Platform

If you’re looking for critical incident management software to help your organization mitigate risks and streamline your response to emergency incidents, here are some key questions to ask about Everbridge’s software before moving forward:

  • How do they enable you to respond in the most effective way to individual or widespread incidents through the use of real-time situational awareness?
  • Can they help you manage and respond to personal safety situations across the wide range of locations where you have duty of care i.e. indoor spaces, labs, satellite locations, campus areas, staff travelling domestically and internationally, all while providing a consistent level of care and service?
  • Do they offer command and control software that enables you to visualize the availability and location of your security team, openly communicate with them, coordinate their response, issue orders and see the result of those actions, and issue new commands–all in real time, with a common operating view?
  • Can they help your security team optimize the way they patrol designated areas and maintain a physical presence across your large, complex site?
  • Can they replace wired panic alarms or duress alarms at a much lower cost and provide a more effective solution that integrates with your team’s overall strategy?
  • Do they provide your team with the data and intelligence to respond to critical incidents up to 50% faster?
  • How can they help you plan, manage and coordinate security operations for special events i.e. sporting events, concerts and graduation ceremonies
  • Does the solution integrate with existing systems i.e. HR databases and IT single sign sign-on, with a scalable and secure API?
  • What solution do they offer to address the challenges and complexities associated with providing security inside a multi-story building? Can the solution pinpoint the exact floor, wing and room where an alert is triggered, providing a 3D view of where calls for help are raised, as well as the location of each officer in the building?
  • How do they enable you to enact specific protocols and policies tied to specific work areas such as secure labs to manage an effective health and safety?
  • Can they provide a real-time view of where key assets are e.g. building wardens and fire marshalls, so you can implement an effective emergency management process across multiple sites?

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CriticalArc’s ongoing commitment and flexibility in helping customize and deploy SafeZone to meet our specific requirements has been outstanding. FCC is an increasingly global and diversified business with complex security needs but CriticalArc is working closely to integrate SafeZone into our existing systems and to develop new approaches and features as required.
Jose Morales, Corporate Security Director

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Staff and student well-being and safety is of the utmost importance at the University of Washington and a critical component of the Husky student experience. The SafeZone solution enables us to respond more effectively and efficiently to students and staff who need emergency support. We have been consistently impressed with the benefits SafeZone can deliver, along with its ease of use and deployment.
John Vinson, Assistant Vice-President for Student Life/Chief of Police

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